Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges

The Global Evidence Commission began as a grassroots effort to improve the use of research evidence, both in routine times and in future global crises. In January 2024, we released our second annual update (Update 2024), focussed on three implementation priorities:

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We are keen to work with any groups interested in contributing to our three implementation priorities.

  • Formalize and strengthen domestic evidence-support systems conduct or participate in a rapid evidence-support system assessment for your country and find ways to act on the lessons learned if one has already been conducted.
  • Enhance and leverage the global evidence architecture encourage funders and donors – both in your own country and those operating globally – to be part of the solution and encourage impact-oriented evidence producers – especially those producing global public goods like living evidence syntheses – to work in more coordinated ways and to build connections to domestic evidence-support networks and units.
  • Put evidence at the centre of everyday life support citizen-serving NGOs and citizen leaders to take action in your country.

The Global Evidence Commission’s secretariat and Implementation Council also welcome expressions of interest from any groups interested in complementing what we are doing – with the three implementation priorities, with recommendations that do not fall within these current priorities, or with formally monitoring progress against each recommendation.

About us

The Global Evidence Commission secretariat engages with the following four groups in addressing the Global Evidence Commission’s implementation priorities:

  • Our Implementation Council promotes, contributes to and/or leads efforts to implement the report’s 24 recommendations and three implementation priorities.
  • The Rapid Evidence-Support System Assessment (RESSA) Country Leads Group advances the Global Evidence Commission’s implementation priority to strengthen domestic evidence-support systems by sharing lessons learned from participating countries and taking action based on what is learned.
  • The Global Evidence Producers Group advances the Global Evidence Commission’s implementation priority to enhance the global evidence architecture by discussing opportunities to improve coordination and reduce duplication and ways to engage funders and donors in these opportunities.
  • Our Citizen Leadership Group advances the Global Evidence Commission's implementation priority to put evidence at the centre of everyday life by providing a forum for citizen leaders and leaders of citizen-serving organizations to shape thinking and action.

Additional details about these four groups are available along with others the secretariat engages regularly.

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