Ahmednur Ali

Scientific Lead, Equity-driven Evidence Support, and Editor of Health Systems Evidence
Ahmednur Ali serves as the Scientific Lead, Equity-driven evidence support, and Editor of Health Systems Evidence at the Forum, where he focuses on strengthening evidence-support systems and improving access to and use of best evidence about health-systems arrangements. Ahmed works closely with the team at the Forum to identify innovative ways to integrate equity considerations into its products and processes, with the aim of enabling government policymakers, organizational leaders, citizens and other stakeholders to make evidence-informed decisions that reflect an equity lens.   

As Editor of Health Systems Evidence, Ahmed is responsible for overseeing the curation of ‘best’ evidence syntheses in the world's most comprehensive, free-access point for evidence syntheses about how to strengthen or reform health systems and how to get cost-effective programs, services and drugs to those who need them.

Ahmed completed his PhD in Health Policy with a specialization in Political Studies at McMaster University, researching policy support for guideline implementation, and holds a Master's degree in Health Policy and Equity from York University, where he studied obesity and health outcomes.

Ahmed's academic and leadership achievements have been recognized with several awards, including the Michael G. DeGroote Doctoral Scholarship of Excellence and the Wilson Leadership Scholar Award. These awards recognize Ahmed's outstanding academic records, excellent research promise, and leadership potential, all of which are foundational skills needed to become a leader in solving complex health problems within Canadian communities.
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