SSE background

The Forum created and has partnered with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute to continue to maintain Social Systems Evidence, which is the world’s most comprehensive, free access point for evidence about strengthening 20 government sectors and program areas and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The program and service areas covered include:


These program and service areas cover all of the Sustainable Development Goals, with the exceptions of the health part of goal 3 (which is already well covered by three existing online repositories, namely ACCESSSS for clinical evidence, Health Evidence for public health evidence, and Health Systems Evidence for evidence about how to organize ourselves to get the right health programs, services and products to those who need them).

Available in English and French, Social Systems Evidence is a powerful tool for policymakers, stakeholders and researchers around the world. We are grateful to McMaster University (through the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Labarge Optimal Aging Initiative, the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging, and the Provost’s Strategic Alignment Fund) for their financial support during the development of SSE, and to the Monash Sustainable Development Institute for funding the ongoing addition of content related to SDGs 7 and 13-15 and for support for marketing/communications.

Visit Social Systems Evidence, learn more about its key features and functions, browse the list of documents added in the past month, or email for more information.