Ariana Jaspal

Queen Elizabeth Scholar in Strengthening Health and Social Systems (2023)

Ariana is pursuing an Honours degree in Arts & Science at McMaster University. Throughout her undergraduate career, Ariana has worked as a research assistant at the McMaster Health Forum’s ForumLab, helping maintain Health Systems Evidence, Social Systems Evidence, and COVID-END databases, latter of which she is an Office Lead. For the last two years, Ariana has also been the director of McMaster HOPE's Warmth of Winter initiative, aiming to address and understand the needs of underprivileged and unhoused persons in the Hamilton community. Through her work, academic pursuits, and volunteer experience, Ariana hopes to deepen her understanding of how marginalized communities are situated in the healthcare system.

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Ariana will be travelling to the NSW Ministry of Health in Sydney, Australia where she will support the Ministry's aims to promote, protect, develop, maintain and improve the health and well-being of the people of NSW. Ariana looks forward to learning about the unique mandates of health systems governance and how health research is used to influence and guide policymaking.

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