Harrison Niznick

Harrison’s interest in health policy, international development, and the health impacts of climate change stems from his work in Costa Rica, Kenya, Panama and Tanzania. He hopes to channel these interests as a Forum Fellow by promoting student discussion and debate about the future of Canadian healthcare, improving Canadian Aboriginal health systems, and overcoming water-borne disease in developing countries. He also plans to advance his interest in mediation and policy development by contributing to the planning of a series of stakeholder dialogues. Harrison is in the fourth year of the Arts and Science (Honours) program with a specialization in economics. He is writing his thesis in health economics. He served as events coordinator of the McMaster Health Forum’s Student Subcommittee in 2010-2011, helping to organize workshops, a global health speaker series, and a debate on the changing role of evidence-based medicine. Harrison founded the McMaster chapter of Net Impact, a San Francisco based NGO focusing on sustainable-business, and has pursued clinical research on HIV/AIDS transmitted drug resistance. 

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