Navi Goraya

Queen Elizabeth Scholar in Strengthening Health and Social Systems (2022)

Navi is a first year Master of Public Health student at McMaster University. Navi previously completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, where she developed a keen interest in both global and public health. Her research interests include: planetary health, men’s mental health, and refugee and migrant health. For her Master’s thesis, Navi aims to explore how a culture of hegemonic masculinity influences public safety personnel’s uptake of a mobile health approach to peer support. Through her research, Navi hopes to contribute to the creation of more appropriate mental health interventions for this key population.

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Navi will be travelling to Australia where she will be working with the University of Newcastle’s School of Medicine and Public Health. While there, Navi will be working on a project that aims to understand how best to disseminate research findings to policy makers and public health practitioners, such that evidence is more readily translated into practice. By working on this project, Navi hopes to understand how public health organizations are bridging the knowledge translation gap in the Australian context. She also hopes to gain a renewed sense of the work that is yet to be done in global and public health spheres.

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Contact information

McMaster Health Forum
1280 Main St West, MML-417
Hamilton, ON Canada  L8S 4L6