Nawazish Naqvi

Queen Elizabeth Scholars in Strengthening Health Systems (2018)

Nawazish is an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program at McMaster University. While working as a research assistant for the Health Forum’s Impact Lab, he developed an interest in health systems strengthening. With experiences in clinical and genetic epidemiology research, Nawazish is also interested in exploring the influence of genetic and social determinants of health on policy making and health system decisions. 

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Nawazish will be traveling to Sydney, Australia to complete an internship with the Sax Institute. His internship will be focused on synthesizing and compiling evidence on childhood obesity prevention within Australian Aboriginal children. This research will be used to developing an intervention to reduce obesity prevalence in Australian Aboriginal children. Nawazish hopes to further investigate the collaboration required between community members, researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers involved in health systems decision.

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Contact information

McMaster Health Forum’s Impact Lab
1280 Main St West, CRL-209
Hamilton, ON Canada L8S 4K1