Robert J. Redelmeier

Queen Elizabeth Scholars in Strengthening Health Systems (2018)

Robert is an undergraduate Arts and Science student, specializing in statistics. He joined the McMaster Health Forum in September 2016, and led the undergraduate team in the development and refinement of Social Systems Evidence, the Forum's newest service and the spearpoint of its expansion to policy outside healthcare. Over his time at the Forum, he has learned a great deal not only about evidence-based decision-making, but also the rigorous approaches to evidence collection and synthesis necessary for quality work.

As an outgoing Queen Elizabeth Scholar, Robert is travelling to London, England to intern as an Editorial Fellow with The BMJ. He is focused in the scholarly comment section, where letters and analyses shape the global debate over health systems and policy. His projects will include analyzing how and to what extent BMJ content shapes policy for physicians and health leaders, along with taking a critical lens to the journal's own practices to help drive organizational change. From this internship, he expects to bring back a unique lens on health systems and the global ecosystem of healthcare research, an international perspective that will allow further analyses of Canada and Ontario's own role within these settings. He also hopes to learn more about the mechanics of how research organizations can dedicate themselves to policy action.

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