Theresa Tang

With a keen interest in both healthcare and business, Theresa will use her experience as a Forum Fellow to pursue an understanding of unmet needs in the healthcare system, consider the future of healthcare, and engage in activities to foster innovative solutions to health challenges. As a fourth year student of the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) Program, and as a summer employee with the McMaster Health Forum, Theresa has gained insight into many health-focused initiatives while emphasizing collaborative problem solving. Last summer, she travelled to Morocco to volunteer in the area of improving rural education in small villages, which intensified her desire to learn more about improving healthcare systems internationally. Theresa also has a strong interest in electronic communication, and will use her experience in managing projects and bringing ideas to fruition, to enhance her learning opportunities, particularly in regards to electronic health records. She recently developed an integrated academic event communications system for McMaster University, where she called on her passion for networking to successfully bring together the support of key stakeholders within the University. As a Forum Fellow she will be involved in synthesizing research evidence that can inform deliberations and decision-making on particular issues by healthcare system stakeholders.

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