Resources for researchers

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an explosion of activities among all types of researchers, including in the evidence-synthesis, technology-assessment and guideline-development communities. COVID-END has assembled resources for individual researchers and research teams who are involved or who want to become involved in preparing timely, relevant and high-quality evidence syntheses and guidelines to support decision-making about COVID-19:

  1. priorities for new syntheses and guidelines
  2. supports for evidence synthesizers
  3. supports for guidance developers 

There are many different types of evidence synthesis and the resources provided supports for evidence synthesizers focus on: rapid reviews, scoping reviews, systematic reviews (SR), and living SRs. To learn more, see our definitions of key types of evidence synthesis.

Relevant reading:

Akl EA, Haddaway NR, Rada G, Lotfi T. Evidence synthesis 2.0: When systematic, scoping, rapid, living, and overviews of reviews come together. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2020; 123: 162-165 

Gough D, Thomas J, Oliver S (2019). Clarifying differences between reviews within evidence ecosystems. Systematic Reviews 2019; 8 (1): 170.

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Resources for researchers considering and conducting COVID-19 evidence syntheses