Dissemination partners

COVID-END in Canada prefers to leverage the tremendous reach of our dissemination partners rather than rely only on time-limited alternatives (like subscriptions to our email service, which you can subscribe to here). By doing so we can ensure that our Canadian and global spotlights, horizon scans and other products reach key decision-makers through dissemination vehicles such as:

  • newsletters (e.g., Forum/RISE/Networks Update, SPOR Evidence Alliance, National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools, RAEB Update, and KT Canada)
  • email alerts (CanCOVID and the 40+ Canadian evidence-synthesis teams and 100+ collaborators contributing to COVID-END in Canada)
  • blogs (e.g., RNAO)
  • listservs (e.g,. COVID-END Community and EVIPNet)
  • evidence services (e.g., Health Systems Evidence, Social Systems Evidence, and McMaster Optimal Aging Portal).