Presentations by COVID-END partners

COVID-END partners periodically give presentations about their work to their fellow COVID-END partners, including the challenges they’ve faced, their achievements in addressing them, and their current and future priorities.

Racing against COVID-19: Rapid responses to equip public health with evidence for COVID-19

  • Presentation by Maureen Dobbins from the National Coordinating Centre for Methods and Tools, Canada (4 March 2021)

Using specific COVID-19 targets and patient care settings as a springboard for driving global improvements in the evidence/guidance ecosystem cycle for COVID-19 and beyond

  • Presentation by Jerome A. Osheroff from the ACTS COVID Collaborative, U.S.A. (24 February 2021)

Projects and efforts towards the COVID-19 response: Lanzhou University’ experience

  • Presentation by Yaolong Chen, Xuan Yu and Ying Zhu from Lanzhou University, China (4 February 2021)