Below are tools and resources for supporting the development of de novo or alternative guideline processes:

Tool/resource Explanation 
Priority setting resources
A useful scoping review and systematic review of prioritisation approaches in developing new guidelines.
Institute of Medicine (IOM) standards
The IOM (now called the National Academy of Medicine (NAM)) released standards for developing trustworthy CPGs in 2011. To be trustworthy, a CPG should comply with these standards.
GIN Standards
Stated key components and methods of high quality and trustworthy guidelines produced by the Guidelines International Network.
GIN-McMaster guideline resources

GIN-McMaster Guideline Development Checklist extension for rapid recommendations: This list provides principles that serve as guidance for guideline developers responding to urgent situations such as public health urgencies. It was developed as an expansion of the GIN-McMaster Checklist to the development of rapid guidelines.

GIN-McMaster Checklist: This checklist contains a comprehensive list of topics and items outlining the practical steps to consider for developing guidelines. The Guideline Development Checklist project is a partnership between the Guidelines International Network and McMaster University and has been translated into 6 languages.
ISPOR HTA Council report on good practices for HTA
Describes good practice components of HTA within the healthcare decision-making process from the ISPOR HTA Council Working Group. Also see: A practical guide for HTA agencies to enhance legitimate decision-making.

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