For researchers

Canadian researchers wanting to become involved in preparing timely, relevant and high-quality evidence syntheses to support decision-making about COVID-19 can access a number of additional resources through the ‘global’ COVID-END webpages:

COVID-END has also prepared the following resources for researchers:

The SPOR Evidence Alliance (EA) has drafted two resources that are relevant to any team preparing timely and citizen-partnered evidence syntheses to support decision-making about COVID-19:

SPOR EA has also drafted resources that are specifically relevant to evidence-synthesis teams that agree to prepare an evidence synthesis with funding from COVID-END in Canada:

COVID-END in Canada’s citizen partnership group has compiled useful resources for researchers who are engaging citizens in evidence-synthesis work: 

Additional resources available to researchers include:

  • COVID-END’s inventory of best evidence syntheses through which you can immediately find the best available (i.e., most up-to-date, highest quality, and transparently presented) evidence syntheses (and which will be made available in late April as a fully searchable database)
  • COVID-END’s guide to COVID-19 evidences sources (which lists additional evidence sources beyond those we search for COVID-END’s inventory)
  • Canadian Agency for Drugs and Therapeutics in Health (CADTH) search strings for use in searching (although most of the evidence sources listed in the COVID-END guide are COVID-specific and hence these search strings are not needed)
  • Cochrane resources to support COVID-19 rapid reviews.