Examples and resources of guideline adaptation from LMICs

Tool or resource / topic Explanation
Alternative guideline development / stroke guidelines
Clinical practice guideline using alternative guideline development methods for stroke in allied health. See linked article and experiences here.
Guideline adaptation / diabetic retinopathy
Describes the process of adapting clinical practice guidelines for diabetic retinopathy in Kenya.
Clinical practice guideline adaption methods
Four case studies from South Africa in mental health, emergency care, health promotion in primary health care and physiotherapy.
Alternative guideline development / emergency Care
Clinical practice guideline development methods and challenges in prehospital care in South Africa. See report here. See case study here. Landscape analysis here.
Contextualise training for guideline uptake Describes an 8 step process of ‘how to’ contextualise a training programme to increase CPG-uptake for a targeted audience.
Contextualisation of western stroke guidelines / physiotherapy
Approach taken by the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine in contextualising western stroke guidelines for their local setting.
Standardising evidence strength grading for recommendation from multiple CPGs / stroke
This paper outlines a novel process developed and tested in a resource-constrained country (South Africa) to synthesise findings from multiple international CPGs on allied health (AH) stroke rehabilitation.
CPG contextualisation / chronic musculoskeletal pain
Contextualisation of CPGs for chronic musculoskeletal pain in the South African context. 
Contextualisation of health promotion guidelines / allied health

A contextualised approach to develop evidence-based health promotion recommendations and present the development of a contextually sensitive and illustrated fit-for-purpose product.

Adapting clinical guidelines in India—a pragmatic approach
As part of a national framework a pragmatic approach was developed to adapt relevant evidence-based guidelines to the Indian context commensurate with local resources. Twelve standard treatment guidelines have been published using this method, with explicit documentation of the adoption and adaptation process.
The ‘Adapted ADAPTE’ / guidelines adaptation in Egypt  This article presents an ‘adapted ADAPTE’ methodology to support more clarity, simplicity and practicality. It also aims at avoiding duplication within the process and reducing the resources and time allocated to the CPG adaptation projects.
Guidelines adaptation/ Kazakhstan
This article describes a process of large-scale adaptation of international CPGs with the pilot implementation of selected adapted CPGs and recommendations in Kazakhstan.
Guidelines adaptation/ rheumatology treatment guidelines
Adaptation of the 2015 American College of Rheumatology treatment guideline for rheumatoid arthritis for the Eastern Mediterranean Region: an exemplar of the GRADE Adolopment.
Description of eight frameworks for adaptation of health-related guidelines
This article presents a methodological survey identifying eight proposed frameworks for the adaptation of health-related guidelines.